Suley­man asked 1 year ago

Do you have an app whe­re you can stu­dy for the sub­ject knowledge?

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Exper­ti­se 34a Staff ans­we­red 1 year ago


We offer some free sub­ject know­ledge test ques­ti­ons direct­ly online (wit­hout app instal­la­ti­on) here:

Apps for pre­pa­ra­ti­on are available in the stores — here are the links to them:

Goog­le Play (Android)

App Store (Apple)

Tip: Look for the ratings of other users. The­re are some free apps (with adver­ti­sing) and also paid apps for a few euros. It is bet­ter to pay more atten­ti­on to qua­li­ty ins­tead of lear­ning with unhel­pful or even wrong ques­ti­ons and answers.